Web Design in Bolton

Our 'Simple' Brochure Websites are typically professional looking websites which are perfect for showcasing a small business and the services they provide. They are an excellent fit for all Tradespeople such as Electricians, Plumbers and Builders. They are also great solutions for many other types of business such as Beauty Salons, Cleaning Companies and Service Providers.

  • Professional Looking Website
  • Just the job for Tradespeople
  • Perfect for most small businesses and sole traders

What it is and what it isn't and is it for me ?

What it is

As Bolton Website Designers we simply provide our clients with a 'Simple' Brochure Website. We will build the site in your business colours and add your text and pictures.
Then after the site has been built for the life of site we will provide you with a service whereby you pay us to add new content to your website i.e. new pictures, new pages, new products, building a portfolio section, website marketing / SEO work etc... So basically it's like having your own in-house web designer and SEO Consultant without having to pay a yearly salary and pension for one. This is the perfect service for a business owner who doesn't want the ongoing task of having to add content to their own website and wants to pass that job on to someone else and that's where we come in - this service is really popular with our clients.

Is it for me ? - Yes

Our Website Design service in Bolton is very popular with small businesses in the Bolton area and is all about providing a 'Simple' website for a small business at a very competitive price. If you are a Small Business or a Sole Trader who wants an attractive 'Simple' brochure website which is designed in a SEO friendly way - then the answer is a big fat 'Yes' - it's definitely for you! ! please Contact Us it would be great to have the opportunity of being able to discuss building a website for you.

What it isn't

We don't provide or specialise in 'Complicated Expensive' websites which need to provide a lot of extra functionality more than a 'Simple' website would. For example they wouldn't be the type of website for a Supermarket, Estate Agent or Travel Agent.

Is it for me ? - No

If you are looking for something very specific and are going to want many design concepts and want to do lots of tweaking to get the absolute 'perfect result' this service isn't going to be for you, we would advise you to find a Web Design Agency who can quote you accordingly for the considerable design hours that would be required for your own very specific needs.
If you are business with more complex website needs then sadly our service is not for you.

Our 'Simple' aim is to produce websites which look professional but don't take a long time to build, by doing this we can keep our prices very reasonable for clients who are a 'good fit' for our service.

What types of businesses have you built 'Simple' brochure websites for ?

We have built 'Simple' Brochure Websites for Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists, Auto Electricians, Beauty Salons, Builders, Car Body Repair Garages, Chauffeurs, Commercial Cleaning Companies, Domestic Cleaning Companies, Electricians, Emergency Vehicle Recovery Companies, Funeral Planning Specialists, Haulage Companies, Memorial Masons, Pallet Suppliers, Pressure Washing Businesses, Plumbers, Shipping Container Suppliers, Skip Hire Companies, Tree Surgeons, Tuition Centres and a Vehicle Recycling Business.

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